Why start with worship?

There are times when we can’t feel His presence. Worship points our attention to Him. What we focus on maters to how we respond, emotionally and behaviorally, to circumstances. The Saints are distinguished by their response to circumstance, both tragic and traumatic, to submit that, while they weep in bitter anguish, there is hope. And, the word of God is like a nurse clinging to the weary hand of the wounded, testifying earnestly, “Recovery is real. Endure a little longer.” Ours is not a distance God. His presence is in Spirit, so that when He speaks he nourishes the soul with His breath. We could turn our face away because of the pain, angry at the injustice. But, if we want to endure with assurance of recovery in the long road ahead we will grow nearer to His Spirit and drink of life. Worship is breathing, drinking, and growing near. It is noticing the sun on a cloudless day and acknowledging the warmth. It doesn’t invoke the sun. The sun is there weather we want it there or not. On an overcast day we could accuse the sun of blinking out existence, but it wouldn’t be true. We just don’t feel the warmth. And, if we think the sun no longer exists because we lack it’s warmth that’s ignoring our intellect. That’s why we worship: to breath air that causes us to be strengthened. Trust in God grows slowly, but we can always start with worship and be introduced the God who loves us, each one.

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