Jungle Mural

Dreams & Visions

Age 8

God taught me about prophetic visions.

My third-grade class was making a mural out of construction paper. God showed me a picture of the finished mural. The next day at school I tried to direct the creating of the mural to ensure it would resemble to picture I had received. My teacher forbid me from giving any more ideas to give the other kids a chance to be creative. Well, I stood in concern, watching the construction paper go up in small wads and sheets of color. I didn’t see the development unfolding slowly with reassurance that it was going according to plan. But eventually the mural was finished, and I saw before me the image God made shown me, a jungle scene with a large leopard. And, God spoke to me saying, “This is what a true prophecy is like. Did you do anything to help?”

I had not. I tried, in the beginning, but not in any way that placed the vines in the right place or the big cat.

He continued, saying, “This is how you know a prophecy is true. It happened because it happens. And, the prophecy is to build your love of me.”

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