2 Whales

Dreams & Visions

Age 25

The dream began at a gas station in my home town of Bend, Oregon at the base of the Pilot Butte. I filled up the tank and drove north. In my dream there was an inaccuracy, however. On the right side of the road was an immense lake. There is not a lake there in actuality. I drove to a home at a cul-de-sac. Once inside the doorbell rang. Joyfully, I welcomed my new friends. They were two whales. One was male and one was female. The male whale went inside to meet up with the other friends that were already inside. The female asked me to step outside onto the porch. I stepped out and she told me this house was not my home and I needed to not settle in, but be ready to go when called. Then we went inside, together. In the back room my friend was playing an acoustic guitar for everyone. They were chatting loudly. Then we went into the next room where my friends were playing video games. The male whale was floating behind them, watching attentively and encouraging them. As soon as he saw me, the male whale said, hurriedly, ‘Let’s go, now.’

As he passed by me, he transformed into an old man with long white dreadlocks. On the dreads where a variety of beads and one over his right ear was a smooth silver cross. I felt so much relief to see it, and I said, ‘I knew it was you!’

He rushed us out of the house faster and we jumped in the car. Driving away into the evening, we drove back the way I came, driving south along the road below Pilot Butte. There was roadkill falling from the sky. The animals were mostly woodland and exotic animals, but also cats and dogs. I felt sad about them all dying, but looking more closely I saw that they were all machines. The male whale, driving the car while I looked at the animals, said they were idols in my life and I wasn’t going to miss them, but I needed to be dedicated to leaving.

A friend came upon the lake, walking on the water, and begged me to come back. The male whale said it wasn’t my friend, but a lying spirit. My friend was safe at the house, and this spirit was making me feel like my friends were in trouble without me and it was painful. I turned away from that friend apparition and it disappeared. Then on the right, high atop the butte, was a massive mechanical lion. He was moaning as though in pain, begging me to stay and take care of him. The male whale said this is what afflicted me and told me not to talk to it or try and battle it, but just drive away and live a new life with the whales. So, we kept driving into the daylight.

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