Twelve Loaves of Bread

Dreams & Visions

So, I had a dream that I was in a bread store. I will have to add the whole dream, later, when I find where I wrote it down. But, basically people were getting shopping carts of bread. I asked the Lord why they needed so much bread. And, it was clear that the bread had a spiritual meaning. Also, the people were overjoyed, saying to each other how crazy it was that they were being given as many loaves of bread as could fit into a single buggy.

Ok, so then I’m reading in my devotional by The Chosen. And, I learn that in the tabernacle of the Lord the priests set out twelve loaves of bread. It was called the “bread of the Presence” (Exodus 25:30) and it symbolized the constant presence of the Lord with the nation of Israel.

So, now, I get it. Each person had twelve loaves in their buggies because they were receiving the presence of the Lord.

So, I’m thinking that how I receive these twelve loaves of bread that are the presence of God is through asking for things that require his presence and/or power to be added to me life:

  1. I want spring days that feel embedded in freedom like the one who owns the land without trouble waiting or hunting for me, spring days in green pastures.
  2. I want to feel like I can go anywhere, on a whim, spontaneously because my way is clear and secure, and the place I’ll stay is available and ready for me.
  3. I want an outfit that suits me for every hour, enough that I could change five times a day and not wear the same outfit twice in a season with causal wear that makes me look expensive in my jammies.
  4. I want get-away homes and places where quiet, peace, and hope leads to joy.
  5. I want a destination for a home: the place my people, the joyfully excited to be alive people, go once a week, maybe twice, maybe daily to drink, to eat, to sing, to talk, and to worship.
  6. I want jokes and laughter, play and performances in my life. I want music and poetry. I want to hear the winds off the Hebrides provide the melody to the instrumental.
  7. I want to see God’s power: I want to heal mightily, to see my cup replenish before my eyes. I think, it’s damn time heaven drops a little extra into the normal.
  8. I want to be sustained in the strength of the Lord, to forget how to be anxious, concerned, or discouraged. Amen!
  9. I want my body to be of heaven quality, brought into alignment with my heavenly body in the way I look, and with heaven-strength, health, endurance, and agelessness.
  10. I want to fall in love with the love of my life: a kingdom man who teaches me the meaning of strength of character, but also beauty, gentleness, playfulness, and presence; a breath of fresh air, resilient, reliant man on the love of his Heavenly Father for him.
  11. I want each and every place I walk to enter into peace; when I’m there peace reins in the atmosphere, peace reins in the natural and in the spiritual. And when I return, peace returns and joy spreads like a contagion.
  12. I want my creative expressing to be unencumbered, to be able to have an idea and see it accomplished. And, unencumbered freedom of praise in my art.

Hallelujah! Yes and Amen, says the Lord.

Give me that bread!

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