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Sit at the feet of Jesus

Did you know straight women like men. I think it’s important to say. We like men so much we hope to marry one and spend more time with a man because men are fun and funny and wonderful. Straight women like men as people and friends. Please know that is the truth.

While the expectant brides search for one that likes her individual characteristics, who can support her world views, and finds her hopes and dreams so lovely that he wants to partner with her increasing those hopes and dreams to be all the more rewarding because they’re shared with another individual, there is a man who seeks to get her attention, first. That man would be Jesus.

Jesus is God and he succeeds at a lot things: steadying a nervous heart, calming a fearful mind, setting a life on solid ground, surrounding the home in protections. The bible has many promises for a house built on the love of God and the following of his commands. But he is also a speaking presence in the minds, hearts, and souls of his listeners. His word is food for weary travelers and stoic believes for hope refreshed, daily.

If the greatest command of all is for man to love the Lord God with all the heart, mind, and strength of the will power. It’s probably a good idea to meet him. And he speaks. He has spoken through many prophets and there are testimonies about him.

Mary was a young woman and sister who met Jesus Christ. Jesus and his disciples were at her house. The disciples and her brother Lazaras were listening and learning from Jesus, while her sister Martha was cleaning dinner in the kitchen. Martha was sure her working was the best performing of a woman, and was sure her work was pleasing to God and Jesus, her guest. So, she hollered for Jesus to make Mary do the right thing, also and serve Jesus by cleaning. Jesus actually informed Martha that Mary had chosen the better option by sitting at his feet and leaving the work to be done when this opportunity to be his presence had gone.

You might not realize this, especially if you’re not sure that Jesus wasn’t a vain man who loved attention, but Jesus honored Mary by inviting her to sit and listen in the same way the men learning from him where invited. Mary was bold to sit with the men. And she looked lazy to her sister. But Jesus validated her boldness as excepting an invitation that was unspoken and also open to Martha. But, Martha’s cultural understanding of a good woman distracted her from the better choice: ignoring what would increase her honor to honor the guest, who was the Son of God. (Luke 10:38-42)

Jesus is still inviting the women to sit at his feet. There you will find honor, an education in righteousness that doesn’t result in greater condemnation, hope for your own soul, love, acceptance, friendship, and understanding. His words will nourish you, build you up, validate your individuality, make you bolder and gentler at the same time, because he is gentle. You do not leave him more angry and hurt. You are fed and heard and wanted, always.

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