Psalms 34:4-5

Scripture of the Day

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“I sought the Lord, and he answered me. He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant”


I seek for food every morning. It doesn’t come from the same places, and it’s not always at the surface.

Today, I found my food here.

I know it’s my meal because when I take the words near to me, I am warmed in my inner being. And after having kept it for myself by believing Truth spoke this into reality, I am able and strong, as though fear had been a heavy bird perched on my shoulder and suddenly it flew away.

Because of my anxiety habits, I leak good fruits of inner well-being: strength and hope, love and joy, peace and patience. It falls away from me like a bucket with cracks in the walls. But every time I find a good morsel to eat, I get to discover truth, again. It feels like a discovery because I can’t make or keep inner strength. So, when it comes, I know it’s from an outside source.

While motivation feels like a call to fight without adding to my ability, the word of God adds to me, ability. Although I can be motivated while lying on the floor and cheering others to the finish line, food from God is different; it’s eating ability without effort, suddenly getting up off the floor to think: when did I feel able to do that?

And when I ask God, where are you, I feel love move in my heart in the same way the voice of my best friend can make me feel strong and joyful, and suddenly able to do anything with the included gift of being accepted so that I can inform about my interests and thoughts without shielding. Because my best friend in inside the shield, trusted. When we choose God, we get inside His shield. It’s bigger than ours, extending all around and for a great distance.

That’s how I know I’m “chosen” because He talks to me.

And I know that I have “chosen” him because I let him be my shield.

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