John 3:5

Scripture of the Day


“Jesus answered, ‘I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, “You must be born again.” The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So, it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” NIV


Do you taste of freedom like I do? Munch on his words “wherever it pleases… so it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”


Throughout my life people have asked me for the directions, step-by-step, for my next life’s idea, either to examine my wisdom or to attempt to follow me along my journey. And as I have fewer steps known, this scripture has been kept close to my heart. And I think, “I’m just windy.” And I cling to the joy of freedom, which my Heavenly Father affords me by his daily provision.

I haven’t gone a day hungry since I asked Jesus if I could be saved. On my dumbest and most lazy days when food was left uncooked in my refrigerator, but I went about my day without preparation or enough money for a plan b, he fed me with free food, each and every time.


Now, I was gluten free at the time with severe reactions, and one night I decided to go out and socialize with new friends at a bar. I knew I had no money, and someone could offer, but there was no restaurant in that area that someone could buy me food. And I was arriving to the bar hungry. I prayed, “Welp, God, I’m going to go hangout with people because that’s healthy, but I don’t know how this is going to go. Please make my hunger go away and give me enough energy. I’m trusting you that I won’t pass out or panic. Your word says you provide, but I understand if you don’t when I could have provided for myself, but I mess it up.

As soon as I arrived and sat down in my chair, a caterer got the attention of the room. He announced that he was from a new Mexican restaurant that for advertising provided a meal, and to please help ourselves. I asked if the tortillas were corn. And yes, the tortillas were corn. In fact, I could eat everything because it was a naturally gluten free restaurant, meaning there wasn’t any flour used at all. And I knew that he knew what he was talking about because he asked me not to tell anyone the food is gluten free.

I feasted.


Every single time I messed up, God gave me free food, every time for three years. When I can’t provide for myself, especially by the lack of energy, he gives me food. And when God gives me food it’s filling, and it tastes good. The devil offers to let me provide for myself, working for potato chips and french fries. I know the devil is trying to convince me to be self-sufficient when the steps I take seem secure and sure but the only thing available for me to buy is a handful of fried potatoes, which is food-candy and leaves me hungrier than before I started eating.

Additionally, when I “feel” like the only food I can afford is the cheapest item on the menu, which turns out to be a form of fried potato, I dismiss the devil’s threat that I am poor, that I must provide for myself, or that I’m too much a failure for God to help me, by saying, “No devil, God is my provider.” And I leave the restaurant to wait on the better meal, which God has planned. I have discovered the consistency, when I eat the fries for fear that I won’t have another option, later, it only manages to ruin my appetite for the meal which God provides, hours later.


God is not letting me cry-out, anymore. Instead, he’s making me stand and declare who I am. He told me to, “Tell the devil that has been trying to steal your identity, who you are. And I will tell him that you know, everything. He is terrified of a daughter of mine once she knows the rights, which I have bestowed to her. I will teach you slowly, but I will boast over you in his face. And he will run so far, and he will run too far, for too long so that even if he wants to return to harm you, he will find himself disoriented. That is my promise to you, now. Stand!”

And so, I declare who I am!

“Name is Bethany Jaine Bredeson. I am the daughter of God Almighty! I am made of water and Spirit, in truth by baptism! I am alive in Christ Jesus! Because he lives, I live! My life belongs to me! I receive all things from God Almighty who calls himself my Father. I am a new creation by Spirit! My lineage is that of the Spirit of God. My ancestry is of God Almighty. I am in perfect protection of his grace, enterally. I am His! And no one will stanch me out of his hand! I am free. I am free by the promise and fulfillment of the Son of Man, come to earth! I am the bride of Christ Jesus of Nazareth! No weapon formed against me will prevail! I come and go in open pasture! Hallelujah!”

And the devil named “Fear of Man” flees, and flees, and flees until he forgets where I was, and doesn’t know where I will be. And I forget the threats and aggression of his torment, until the only voice I consider is the Spirit of Truth, who loves me and works things together for my good because I love him.

And I smile when my friends reply to the questioners that have asked, “What is she doing?” by replied, “Oh, she’s windy.”


Did you find it easier to follow my thought train by the headings? Some people want a constant update on my future. They think if they can gain the Table of Contents to my chapter then they will know I’m wise and worthy of a verbal accolade. But to me, if I agree to give the possible Table of Contents, I become disoriented in re-edits because I’m only getting Headings before each paragraph.

Would it help to try and post a small table of contents before each paragraph. And a different table of contents as the article continues. So that the only accurate table would be revealed at the end of the article? I think that would make it look like I was a liar. When actually, I’m just ignorant of the steps. I might have God show me the picture at the end of the chapter, but along the way it’s revelation, heading by heading. I live through each paragraph.

Those who travel with me are those who can travel beside me, on a windy journey of their own, flying next to Jesus through the clouds. Since we can’t always see Jesus, we encourage each other.

When one is fearful about growing tried, another testifies about His help, declaring that weariness fled, and rest was wisdom because Jesus continues to provide.

And that is an example of kingdom-life, where doubt and fear are being battled.

In God’s church, we’re in this together but God is our guide, individually.

I encourage myself within your hearing:

Don’t give up; Rest and Remember.

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