If We Could Draw God’s Blood

boiling point


Science as a foundational replacement for God is like trying to walk on one’s own hand; it’s truth is attained by gathered bits of information that is supposed to stack neatly in an order, expect that the vastness of science, being all that exists, renders the stacks into a patchy landscape of dispersed piles where people run to a pile and try to add research and applicable data so that connections between thoughts, beliefs, or understandings can be validated by the strengthening of evidences. It requires an openness to continually being wrong.

But the reality of science is that facts only remain true under certain conditions. And when the conditions change, different facts of outcome are equally true.

This makes for a soil of reality where nothing being true and everything being true is in equality because the truth of a variety of true outcomes under infinit conditions never conflicts, it only means an observer has examined truth from one of infinitely true outcomes. It is fluid as water.

Science validates itself by existence, existing. In this way, a fact is a fact is truth, again and again, for always, into infinity.

So, how can we talk about God against a self-contained truth, which validates itself because it is, already?

The God we know from the Bible has expressed qualifying conditions of which any god who wants to contend for the boast must adhere to by nature and not by change, not having learned to be god-like. One of these qualifying conditions for a God who is worthy is to exist within the condition, or state of, all-presence, which means a state of being everywhere all at once without interruption. This makes God infinitely small and infinitely large, all while being awake unendingly, unable to blink or miss a nano-second.

So then, God is to creation as my body is to my heart. As my blood is in my heart and body, but my heart does not fill up my entire body, but is contained inside my body, so is God in all creation while creation is not filling up all that is God. I’m speaking of the heart as a physical organ. Much of the Bible speaks of the human heart as the place where forms motivation, fear and desire, all a bit deeper than the mind can reason with, it is felt, and it becomes the lens through which human beings create an action. Separate from that, the mind helps us carry out that action.

Men can measure the success of a mind by weighting the fruit of its outcomes as it weighs against human understanding of success, which forms the human understanding of righteousness. But God measures and weighs the heart against his Son Jesus.

Human success would be likened to spiritual fruit: it’s an outcome.

How does one set about a test to measure God?

Jesus of Nazareth used miracles, signs, and wonders, which served to validate his claim that he was sent by God, that God was with him, and that he had authority over sin and death because only God has authority over nature, physics, right and wrong. And so, God has authority over all kinds of consequences.

The miracles were healings, deliverances from demons, and raising the dead. The signs were his disciples going and doing the same, on his Name and authority. And the wonders were being born a virgin, walking on water, having command over the wind and waves, and all the times he was not stoned to death by an angry mob.

I’m going to liken scientists with the religious leaders of his day based on the similarities that both groups are asking for validation grounded from prearranged views of reality that God must adhere to in order to qualify for testing. These groups set the stage for God and then tell him to perform.

Here’s a problem, historically recorded, when he does exactly what is expected of him to prove he’s God, if the person doesn’t want him, the person will choose an alternative explanation, even when it’s a pathetic lie.

Thousands and thousands of healings and demonic deliverances and a handful of dead raised, court case after court case, over and over, did nothing for the religious leaders.

If you want to fight for an idea you like better than God being real, you’ll probably fight hard for that idea.

The lawyers and religious leaders of the time, saw what Jesus was doing and accused him of working for Satan, calling the Holy Spirit a worker of Satan, an arbiter of evil, meaning a trickster that would lead someone to doom. NOPE. The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS honest, and when you are forgiven, you are forgiven.

Getting back to my point, those who didn’t want God, jumped to an irrational argument, grasping at straws in an effort to make him go away.

As a result of this habit, I pose a counter question: what does it matter to you if God is real? At the heart of this question is another: why do some people not want God? I like God, and everything that comes with him. And I don’t want to look into the evil of the human heart, but some people do choose Satan over God.

Can I comfort those who fear him. Please, if you are worried that God might exist and fear that he might not want you, let me tell you that he is waiting for each and every one of his children to be ready for him to come in glory, forcing heaven upon earth, until you know you’re loved because he doesn’t want you to be afraid of him: he is your refuge, he is your salvation.

God made you.

He respects and upholds your right to choose him or not, but know that he WANTS you to choose him because he loves you and he knows you and he likes you and is where all good things come from.

Jesus is the face of Almighty God. He was sent from God, into the world to perform the truth and die for the sins of many transgressors, whoever would believe that he has the authority to save them, is saved.

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