Psalm 34:8

Scripture of the Day


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”


I’m reminded of my dreams. When the Holy Spirit told me that I must eat something from heaven in order to know that heaven exists so that when the time came, I would believe in another place, called heaven, that I could choose.

But 30 years later, I am beginning to think that heaven isn’t just for the Afterlife.

I have been taught to think that all the perfection of heaven is reserved, by God, for the reward of the afterlife. I’m not convinced. From what I saw in my dreams, the separation between my life and heaven is paper thin. It’s actually as thin as an idea, and the one who built the walls around me was not God, but the accuser, the liar, the one who tempts, the deceiver Satan (I say all four to reveal his tactics, not to glorify him; remember scripture tells us the demise of his rule will include an addition of truth shining on his face and the truth reveals Satan’s complete bankruptcy.) And God woke me up, a sleeper in a world of lack. And he gave me toast, and buttered toast, and jam.

Jam changed everything.

But God hasn’t brought me to heaven, yet. And I have had plenty of reason to beg for death. Now, he’s healed me enough that I could choose to grow content… but how long am I going to live that I should settle for content?

Begging God is a posture for people who haven’t spoken to him, yet. It’s difficult to return to that low posture of assumed worthlessness after he says a word. It’s that, his Spirit is offended by his enemy, Satan, who’s work amounts to an abuse of God’s creation. But God, works quickly to raise up the lowly. The devil tries to accuse God until I fear asking God for too much, lest I grow arrogant. And then, he accuses God to me of wanting to toss me back into the rubbish heap so that I would be Satan’s property, and then Satan boasts about all the torturing he’ll be doing against those who tried to escape him.

But God doesn’t give Satan anything. And he, actually, hasn’t earned anything. And he, actually, hasn’t won anything. And he, actually, doesn’t have any territory left to his name. God gave everything that Satan thought he was earning, gaining and had stollen, rightly, according to the rules of rebellion… God gave it all to Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus owns Hell.

No one will stay there who believes in Jesus. There are many stories that I have heard of people dying and going to Hell but asking Jesus to save them and Jesus whisks them up, immediately to Heaven. Anyone who asks…
Jesus bought the rights to any soul who asks… no one “belongs” to Satan.

This is why we evangelize because Satan is still lying, and it’s painful and it’s rude.

If you have ever, once, in your life tasted food and thought, “Heaven is real!” I believe, the Holy Spirit preformed a work upon the food you ate, having touched it with heaven, so that hope would root. And that hope is enough for a request, when God designates a time for your soul to choose where it wants to spend eternity; Satan doesn’t want you to know that you have a choice. But God will bring it your attention. And while Satan is shouting and pouting, accusing you to God and accusing God to you, you have the choice to tell God that you’d rather live enterally in Heaven. And by the work of Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah you’ll hear God, the one and only say, “Okay, come on.” And your soul will be taken up to heaven.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about times that the food was so good, especially, out of context and it was so perfect, you didn’t know it was possible for a food to be that perfect. But then, what reinforces this experience is, when you order the food a second time or try the recipe again and it’s never the same, but it’s returned to basically tastelessness. For example, one time my family and I ordered a pizza from Domino’s Pizza and what we got was not a Domino’s Pizza. It was an artisan pizza. It looked artisan. The crust was artisan. The Italian sausage was trimmed in an artisan way; all other times it shows up as little balls of sausage. And there were herbs on this pizza that I didn’t know Domino’s had in inventory. This was the best pizza, and made me think, “I knew these flavors existed.” God can do it with microwavable meals, too. And when he does, it makes you think, “I didn’t know microwave food could taste like this? How did they do this?”

If you have tasted of Heaven, even once, God has chosen you.

Heaven is real.

But how available is heaven in the here and now? I think it’s a possibility, which God must, first, introduce to me as an idea, so that when he brings me into that life, I won’t accuse it of being an illusion.

In my opinion, that’s why the scripture about people having different levels of faith is written. I used to think it meant that people had different levels of freedom from religious requirements but having been healed physically before I believed in miraculous healing, I experienced six weeks of not feeling real. As a result, I believe that different levels of faith forces God (enforced by his kindness, having no need to upgrade your life to save your soul) to change a person’s idea of reality by the measure of the faith. Because if he doesn’t respect the level of faith than his gift, as good as it could be, would accomplish a breaking of the psyche. That wouldn’t be helpful. God will only change your reality up to the measure of faith.

And so, if he has plans to change my reality into heaven then, first, I must wonder at heaven’s possibilities. And then I must consider God’s love for me. And then, if God can and God would want to, I must consider if I want to be that separated from the rest of humanity, my family and friends and every human arena of argument between the would-be wise. When I decide I am ready to live in a different reality, then I can say “yes” to God’s heaven-sized gift, a heavenly existence. I won’t be able to prove where I live to anyone, anyone at all. But if I accept it, I can live in it for myself.

And then, I must be ready to be made so free in my person and united to God in power and mind, which is a change so dramatic to my mind that I might have to let all the people see what was considered by my pride to be my most protected part of my personality. But with God, how could I remain insecure? If I’m not insecure than no weapon of words can rob me of confidence. If God is my shield for my mind, heart, and life what weapon would succeed against me? So, then I go into my choice with a promise from God that he’ll be my shield.

And then I when I’m up against people still battling the accuser, I can treat them the same way God treated me, that is:

  • I tell them better is real
  • I remind them they always have choice
  • And, I never have to bring up sins because Jesus did all the work and God doesn’t need us to understand the legalize of heaven, we just remember that God has all authority and Satan isn’t God; if GOD says we can choose heaven, then that means we can choose.

Also though, I have received a promise from God that I will never live alone, again.

And so, I believe that others will begin to call down heaven with me, until one day, everyone who is going to choose heaven will have chosen and all that is heaven and God’s perfect kingdom will break the paper walls Satan put up. And then there will be no more shadows.

Heaven has no shadows

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