I went on a walk…

This is thought process, a conversation in photographs during the first week of quarantine, 2020.

“A City in Waiting”
“Can’t Pass”
“We’ve Seen This Before; a birdhouse”
“At The Ready”
“Sanitary Flowers”
“This is…”
“Good? Bad?”
“Here We GO!”
“From a Safe Distance”
“The Ladder to Heaven?”
“Continuing to Look Through”
“My Head”
“AH! a gathering”
“Two’s a Crowd”
“Future Tomorrow”
“The New?”
“The rescue?”
“Hidden Driveway”
“Puddles make me smile”
“New Home”
“Just Another Vacancy”
“Anyone Returning?”
“Looking Up”
“Rooms with a View”
“Now Hiring”
“When, though”
“Still, quiet”
“I spy: HOPE”
“Crossing Paths”
“We’ll Get There”
“Staircase for grass”
“A Season”
“Behind me: a torn road”
“Grace Table”
“I wonder”

Day Two

“Strange Days”
“The Shifting”
“@ Play”
“The Ready”
“Open for Carry Out”
“Spring Again”
“So Warm Outside”