October 2nd 7:00 – 9:00pm

First Friday in South Knox



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Red, Yellow, Blue

Art Show


Honeybee Coffee

700 Sevier Ave.

Konville, TN 37920

About the Show

This show makes a few statements: I am here, I am passing through this, and on my way to somewhere unsearchable. The “here” is portrayed through the red fabric enveloping the women as a symbol of creativity. It surrounds them completely, actually blocking their view. There is tension in places, sometimes in their expressions or in their body language, which communicates uncertainty with the lack of vision. Although, uncertainty persists, optimism pervades. The yellow sunlight warms and enlivens the next four women in the series. The yellow is symbolic of health. I am “passing through” health along my way to what is next. The last figure in blue is male and nestled into a mountain range that is speckled with lakes. The blue water is a symbol of hope, and the blue air is a symbol of peace. While the mountain is a symbol of truth. The separation of genders marks a divide in knowable things. I cannot know what it is like to be a man anymore than I can search into my future experiences. To accept that truth allows my mind to accept a creative journey unleashed in the present tense experience with freedom: air I breathe in and waves I ride.