Good Fruit

Walking with Jesus

Can’t have too much lime.


“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy but I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” NIV


God, How Do I Abide in Your Love?

Dwelling in love as a place
Will a feeling rise
Am I to wait
Are you commanding me to feel loved
In the way you command me to trust in you

God, I met you when I was four. I rejected you even though you flooded me with love and raised my spirit up to life because I thought your love was temporary. How can I go back? You said I can always call on you and you’ll be there, but how do I ask you to love me, still? How do I look at our relationship with joy?

God, you smiled on me. And now I’m grieving because I left. Do you love me that much, still? I’m embarrassed for leaving. I’m intimidated by your love you showed me, it was so much. It changed me. It will change me, again, won’t it?

I’m too scared, simply, to live a life based on the memory relived with fondness, nostalgic about an idea of being loved that’s so steeped in disappointment that I have only have a faint hope in the possibility of your love for other people. My body would continue, so long as I continued to accepted food. But my eyes won’t want to open, weighted down by deep fatigue.  

Instead, let your love for me shape my reality.

Jeremiah 17:7-8

I can feel the deep life-giving restoration of strength that comes from knowing I am rooted in life because of God’s favor toward me. I can imagine drinking in the love of God from the roots. And with every draw through the roots, I will gain assurance of my eternal place…

Proverbs 9:7-9

And when you hear God’s idea, always ask how that will impact the parties involved because the testing of God’s voice starts with this: he is a peacemaker, a healer, a good counselor, wisdom, and love. And his responses, if it’s really from God will fulfill at least one, but typically all, of these character…

Ecclesiastes 11:10

This makes me think of whole-body healing because it involves healing inside from hurts which cause grief and anger.


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Growing in Christ

Spiritual Bullshit

What’s the problem with Christian Spiritualism? Why does it not seem to work? In regards to the “Prosperity Gospel” and “Name it and Claim it” and otherwise “calling down heaven,” the failures of these ideas are the exact same as the failures of a church that loves to preach the laws of God from the…

Returning to God

There is a whispering in my being that testifies rest is real, rest is worth the risk of letting things fall apart because if I will let God help me then all things will be taken care of, not by me but by Him.

Relationship vs Religion

My point is this: the relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit is the only requirement needed to please God, the Father


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Psalm 34:8

I have been taught to think that all the perfection of heaven is reserved, by God, for the reward of the afterlife. I’m not convinced.

I Feel: but God Sees

God’s perspective: The beginning of HEALED round 2. Two things come to mind. First, I think of my vision where God ate my stone heart and filled me with Spirit…

Two Things

Two things which are my brain’s “proof” of God, in the way where I seem to stumble into his face: The first is this concept; my imaginary friend can’t have superpowers. The second is love.


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Dreams & Visions

One River, Opposite Flow

This morning, just before waking, I had a snippet dream. These are very short dreams, sometimes only an image. But, they can be so layered.

Twelve Loaves of Bread

So, I had a dream that I was in a bread store. I will have to add the whole dream, later, when I find where I wrote it down. But, basically…

2 Lions

Lying down, I was looking at Orion in the sky, as I did every possible morning growing up. Suddenly, a lioness jumped on my stomach.


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God is Nice