Spiritual Bullshit

What’s the problem with Christian Spiritualism? Why does it not seem to work? In regards to the “Prosperity Gospel” and “Name it and Claim it” and otherwise “calling down heaven,” the failures of these ideas are the exact same as the failures of a church that loves to preach the laws of God from theContinue reading “Spiritual Bullshit”

God says, “I carry you.”

What’s so bad about lesser gods? There aren’t any. Why does God want your attention? to make you righteous? yes, certainly. But, this world is full of trouble and God wants to help you. He says in the book of Isaiah through the prophet Isaiah in the 46th chapter about idols: “their idols are borneContinue reading “God says, “I carry you.””

Trust in God…

This little book by W.E.B. has travelled with me since high school. I love reading new descriptions of the gospel’s declaration of grace as a method to pleasing God. So often, I feel like I need to be better. What I need to be better at is sometimes told to me by society: health, physique,Continue reading “Trust in God…”