Red, Yellow, Blue

This series of ten paintings is my road map for the creative process

Shown in Oct. 2020: The Honeybee Coffee Co. in Knoxville, TN

Red, Yellow, Blue Show

Originally, I believed this series was a visual description of the creative process, until I realized that it’s also symbolic of the walk we have with Jesus, in its stages of process, by the awareness of the darkness, His word leading us wonder, His Spirit giving us insight, but then healing can feel like a return to the darkness, then there’s a fear vs faith decision, there’s growing expectant with God’s promise, there’s the work of resting while waiting and learning to trust God, strength transforms the mind when what God says about us comes into focus, with each promise faithfully delivered there’s greater freedom in living a walking-on-faith lifestyle, and yet another promise from God awaits. And so, the process repeats, but always going from glory to glory.

For me, I get to feel the flames of life roar inside me when I realize Jesus did it all and I get to reach my intended destination, now: relationship with my Father God Almighty, who is gentle and funny as Jesus, lovingly kind and powerful able, working things out for me while I sleep. God is nice.

“Looking Through”
“Breathe it in”