What is it like to have a relationship with God?

Like a toddler who can just barely run, where the hallways in the house seem long, you’re going to spend a season of your relationship with him screaming for Daddy every ten seconds to hear his voice. His “I’m here,” is powerful comfort and joy. God loves this stage. He sees no reason to urge it onward before it’s time.

Review of Beyond Monet: Immersive Experience

Beyond Monet is a peaceful and engaging projected performance of the paintings of Claude Monet worthy to be consider a once in a lifetime experience. While I saw this exhibit at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI, it was a wonderful experience I plan on repeating before it’s gone.

Proverbs 9:7-9

And when you hear God’s idea, always ask how that will impact the parties involved because the testing of God’s voice starts with this: he is a peacemaker, a healer, a good counselor, wisdom, and love. And his responses, if it’s really from God will fulfill at least one, but typically all, of these character traits.

Spiritual Bullshit

What’s the problem with Christian Spiritualism? Why does it not seem to work? In regards to the “Prosperity Gospel” and “Name it and Claim it” and otherwise “calling down heaven,” the failures of these ideas are the exact same as the failures of a church that loves to preach the laws of God from theContinue reading “Spiritual Bullshit”