Rapture Dream

Dreams & Visions

Age 13

I had my rapture dream.

In my dream, my Mom and I were buying soil at a nursery just beyond the neighborhood I lived in at the time. We heard the trumpet sound and my Mom, joyfully, turned to me saying, “Did you hear it? It’s the trumpet! Let’s go!”

I turned, worriedly, to look back at my neighborhood and wondered about my brother and my Dad.

God said to me, “Your brother hasn’t heard it and isn’t coming. Your Dad is going to stay back with him, but it’s time for you to go. And, your Mom is ready. She’s coming. It’s time. You must come with me, now.”

So, I prayed over my brother and my Dad. And, I wondered if I was in trouble for turning back or my worrying. But, I gave it up, and began to float. The higher I got the sweeter the air got and the more fully I was filled with love, joy, and peace.

The sweetness of the air and fullness of the goodness that filled me was so wonderful that when I woke up in my bedroom I wept, bitterly.

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